I’m a freelance journalist based in London, U.K. predominantly covering immigration, human rights issues and politics.

My work has been featured by The IndependentForbesNewsweek, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) (CBC) and others, with my immigration reporting in 2018 co-winning a Migration Media Award.

I have previously worked as a staff journalist at a number of outlets, most recently serving as Chief Correspondent in Newsweek‘s London bureau before going freelance.

As Chief Correspondent at Newsweek, I covered some of the biggest stories of the day, including writing the cover story for Newsweek International on the rise of Black Lives Matter protests around the world in the wake of George Floyd’s death and reporting from Honduras for a series on the cycle of poverty, corruption and violence driving asylum seekers to the U.S. amid international focus on migration to the U.S.-Mexico border.

I also represented Newsweek in numerous television and radio interviews, including for BBC World News, MSNBC, BBC Radio 5 Live, WBEZ Radio and more.

I studied journalism under the University of Western Ontario’s MA Journalism program and a BA (Hons.) in Anthropology from McMaster University.

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